About Ron Rana

The American-born Pakistani innovator and his company, Investopia Online, have found ways to grow in these trying times. Ron is a serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He uses his story to inspire many others to pursue their dreams and to design the life that they want. Ron started his business out of one small apartment unit and has scaled it into one of the most significant real estate wholesaling operations in Texas.

Ron loves sharing his wisdom with all who want to duplicate his success. Here's an interview with the real estate genius.

Q: What inspired you to step into real estate?

Ron: I always wanted to do something in real estate because I feel that this is truly my calling. Real estate allows me to spend time with my family, to live a lifestyle, unlike any other, and to be my own boss.

I also want to create jobs for others, both locally and internationally. It's truly a great feeling, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Q: What are some of the hurdles you faced when growing your company?

Ron: Growing a business is like raising a child. You need to see how you will manage it properly. You need to properly care and nurture your business. Your foundation must be strong. I look at hurdles as opportunities-the opportunity to solve a problem. I have learned to embrace hurdles.

That is what makes a true leader. A leader leads from the front not the rear.

Q: What has propelled you to become an influential wholesaler in the nation in such a short time?

Ron: You know, I really think it's my will and drive that has led me to being a success story, not quitting or giving up on myself. I do give tons of credit to my wife for always being supportive of my dreams. She has sacrificed much with me. We have been married for 10 years now, and I wouldn't have been able to come this far without her love and support. It's important to have a strong better half. It's pivotal.

Q: What have you done in your business to thrive during this pandemic?

Ron: I've done two things, which sound complicated but are very simple: pivot and adapt. One must learn to pivot their business model to adapt during changing times. Especially in times like the COVID-19 crisis.

There are times where our only options are to sink or swim. I'm glad I decided to keep swimming. The real estate market hasn't been better. The market is super hot, according to the multiple listing service. The days on the market have been super low, and offers are coming in higher than pre-coronavirus. So it's essential to take advantage of that.

Q: How are you helping sellers navigate through these tough times?

Ron: I tell my team, "We are nothing but problem solvers. Find the problem and then provide the solution."

For example, a seller recently lost her job, and her house was reaching foreclosure. We were able to get her $7,000 at closing and pay for her moving from state to state. She would not have been able to do so if we had not contacted her about selling her home. We saved her credit, and our client was extremely grateful.

Q: You speak about being a RISK TAKER. What risks did you take before starting real estate?

Ron: You know, I think the most significant risk is the risk of the unknown. Such as, Will it work out for me? Nothing is guaranteed. I had to walk away from a "comfortable" salary as a manager. Remember, a salary is a bribe given to people to forget their dreams. I was not going to let my dreams slip so easily. My background comes from the automobile industry. I put in 11 years in the car business that really took a toll on me. I worked 14 hours a day at the dealership, and not being able to spend time with my wife and kids was not something I had envisioned for myself. I had missed enough birthdays and special occasions. I was desperate to get out! I knew I had to do something in order to change the trajectory for the future of my family. With God's name, I took a leap of faith. I do want to give a special recognition to my beautiful wife for always believing in me when others thought I was crazy to do so. Leaving behind a salary, insurance, 401K, and other benefits was a major risk for us.


Q: Who is your superhero?

Ron: My mother is my inspiration and superhero. She had worked tirelessly for 25 years to raise 4 children. Watching her while I was growing up ingrained in me what hard work looks like. The sacrifices she has made, only I understand. I am proud to say my mother is now retired and won't have to work a day in her life. She was one of my motivating factors as a child to become successful in life.I believe every single woman raising children are the real life superheroes.

Q: What are 3 MUST-HAVES to become a successful entrepreneur?

Ron: 1. Focus 2. Determination 3.Grit

Q: What steps can someone take to start their real estate career?

Ron: The first step I tell people is to work on your MINDSET. It's the key to your success. This is the first time we have mentioned our education company, and we are happy we are doing it on a platform so large as Yahoo Finance! We are excited to launch a simple step-by-step course that shows people how to invest in real estate with little to no money down. This is a learn at your own pace course without rushing the important facts at an extremely affordable cost and without breaking the bank like some courses out there. My team and I have worked tirelessly and diligently to put it together. I truly hope it brings a positive impact to many as real estate has done for myself and my family. It's about leaving your family a legacy. To learn more, go to this website.


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